Fly Tying Jigs UV & Glow Colors Size #1-8
UV 60 degree Jig Heads in Low Light
5packs #8 to #4 $2.50, #1 & #2 $3.00

Fly Tying 60 Jig Heads

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These 60 Degree Jig Heads are Brass Beads Powder coated (welded) onto sharp, 2X Strong Sticky Sharps 1960BN Jig Hooks.  Sizes #8 to #1 are matched to beads 4.5mm to 5.5mm.  Underlying reflective bead plating intensifies Glow and Fuorescent powder coat colors.  Use for patterns to be fly cast to any fish likely to take a lively jig pattern tied from 1 inch long to maybe 4 inches long.   5packs, $2.50 or $3.00 for sizes #1 and #2.  $2.50 for 7packs of size #2 Plated Silver or  #4 Gold.