Fress & Saltwater Foam Diver Patterns
Suspending Diver Shrimp & Minnow Flies

Foam Divers, Bullet Dog Darters, Dive Bangers

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The Foam Diver, a Floating Diver with a Mobile Marabou & Flash Tail that flips as it darts and dives with each strip, then bounces back up to Surface with a pause. Try a steady rhythm of short sharp strips.  Great for ambush predators: Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Sea trout near Mangroves or shallow cover.  Fresh water Bass Bass, Pike & Bowfin love this flies action. 

The Bullet Dog floats and has an erratic darting action, left, right, or down.  It Walks the Dog, left to right alternating turns with a steady rhythm of short sharp strips Lots of flash from the long sleek Prism Tape wrapped forward section and long Opal Flashabou folded to both sides of the tail. the head to tail joint is a splay of flashy Ice Dub or Cascade Crest  Tail is Marabou, metallic and opal Flashabou in smaller sizes.  The 5/0 size's tail uses long uses Bucktail & Saddle Hackle Deceiver style.

Dive Bangers have flashy Prism Tape heads with the forward face cut at an angle so it dives when stripped.  Fished as a popper with a steady rhythm of short sharp strips it has a different popping sound and shakes its Marabou tail feathers and Flashabou.  The 5/0 uses a flat wing saddle hackle and bucktail with Magnum Opal Flashabou for the tail.

The Suspending Divers have curved foam heads that make it dip on a downward curve when striped.  On the pause, the forward buoyancy and rearward CG lifts the head and the mobile tail and body materials flair and flash.

Shrimp Foam Diver fly Pattern