Fress & Saltwater Foam Diver Patterns
Suspending Diver Shrimp & Minnow Flies

Foam Divers for Fresh and Saltwater

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The Foam Diver, a Floating Diver with a Mobile Marabou & Flash Tail that flips as it darts and dives with each strip, then bounces back up to Surface with a pause. Great for ambush predators: Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Sea trout near Mangroves or shallow cover.  Smaller Sizes are good on the flats.  Large and Smallmouth Bass, Pike & Bowfin love this flies action.  Hits usually come on a pause after about 3 strips and as it rises up from about 8 inches down.

The Suspending Divers have curved foam heads that make dip on a downward curve when striped.  On the pause, the forward buoyancy and rearward CG lifts the head and the mobile tail and body materials flair and flash.