River Road Foam Cylinder 6packs all sizes
6 pack

Foam Cylinders, 6pack

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River Road Foam Cylinders 1.3 inches long, from 1/4 to 15/16 inch diameter, in 8 colors.  $3.50 per 6pack is a Good Deal, you get 12 to 18 heads from each package.

Make simple, durable popper for Bass, Stripers, Baby Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Pike, Musky and panfish, are all a blast to catch on topwater patterns.  Nothing gets noticed more than a popper or a very "Pushy" Diver.  These patterns get hit hard and on some species, breaking off or reducing the barb can be a good idea.  For large bony jawed predators, the hook penetrates with less resistance.  Also Poppers and Divers can tend to hook fish in the gills.