UV, Opal & Regular Estaz Colors
8.5 feet


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Estaz is a great Flash Chenille.  Great bright colors and the best Chartreuse Yellow out there.  The core thread is colored and fused to add to the over brtightness and durability.  We Have it in Medium and Petite sizes.  Some colors are "Opalescent" with bright Pearl tinsel combined wit dyed plastic strips to make the chenille.  Plain colors have no added flash.  When it is wound to make a body it has a somewhat shaggy look because the randomly curved fibers appear to have different lengths.  This is the original flash chenille so it was and  still is the favorite for Crystal Eggs.  I Love the Plain Purple or Pink in my favorite Estaz Bunny Leaches colors.

Medium, 15mm makes about 3/8 inch diameter bodies and Petite, 10mm makes about 1//4 inch bodies.