Simple Creature Popper Patterns
Kayak Pike on Fly rod Popper

Creature Popper & Marabou Minnow Poppers

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Simple, durable poppers with lots of movement and a bit of dyed pearl flash.  The Creature Popper is like the Popping Wedge but with a square cut face on the head.  Like Bob's Banger it has a clump of pearly flash to fill in and streamline the gap between the bulky head and Marabou tail.  The clump of Ice Dub spreads out the Flashabou and a splay of red rubber legs that can represent gills on some creature like a salamander or tadpole.  A generous marabou tail and some dyed pearl flashabou give it lots of movement and subtle flash.

The Marabou Minnow Popper is in minnow colors of White and Chartreuse with painted red gills with eye(s) on the head.   A clump of Bright Pearl Ice Dub behind the head fills in and streamlines the gap between the head and the Marabou tail and spreads out the trailing Flashabou to move more around the tail. 

Try these with a steady rhythm of medium pops or mix it up with pauses and soft twitches.