HookUp Weedless Mop Worm Poppers
1/0 Weedless HookUp Popper Patterns

HookUp & Mop Worm Poppers

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The HookUp Popper has a foam head shaped and balanced to aerodynamically land and fish hook up.  The wide upward slanting head will deflect off of or slide over all kinds of thick floating weeds.   It fishes snag free over heavy weeds and it gets lots of hits.  It also misses hooking many of those hits.  Tied with either Mop Worm Tail if the right Mop Chenille is available or Marabou in small sizes.  The 1/0 sizes are on barbed hooks but the  #2, 4, and #6 are on barbless hooks.  

Check out the deadly standard Mop Worm Poppers which are on barbed downward facing hooks.