Silver & Black Nickel Cone Heads Fly tying
$3.50 per 30 or $4.50 per 50

Cone Heads, 30 for $3.50

Regular price $3.50 $0.00 Unit price per

White Silver 6.0mm and 5.0mm, (Heavy Large and Medium)  are $3.50 per 30,

Chrome 6.0mm Large Lite are $4.50 per 50. 

Cones have a different shape than Beads.  Usually they are used only on larger Rip and Fall patterns.  Round Beads better represent an eye, Cones are vaguely representing the nose of whatever creature.  An Occasional advantage to the cone is it will more likely pass out through a fish's tightly closed jaws on the hook set, possibly allowing a better hook set. 

I like a cone or bead head rabbit strip Leach or Zonker pattern for early spring Pike, Bass, Walleye, Bowfin, White Bass, Channel Cats, and Sheephead.  The Zonker is great for species that are attracted by the body flash of a minnow.  A hook up pattern is good for species that take a fly after it has been allowed to fall to the bottom.  When a counter drilled bead or cone is used with a down eye hook or a jig hook it will flip the fly to hook up orientation.  Tying or trimming flies so more material is in the bend (keep this sparse) and less on the back side (new bottom) will strengthen the hook up balance.  Think a will tied Jiggy or Clouser Minnow pattern.