17 Colors Med Large Mop Chenille 5.5mm
24 feet

5.5mm Glossy Medium Large Mop Chenille

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5.5 mm is a good size for Bass or salt water cinder worm patterns.  Mop chenille is fine chenille fibers twisted into a thin strong thread core making a dense but very soft chenille you can furl to make a long worm or short grub tail. (Twist the manufactured twist tighter before Looping and retying.)  Use the tag end of chenille to then wrap the body in the regular manor.  Embellishments could be added as a thorax, collar, hackle or rubber legs. 

The result is a durable floppy "worm" tail that if tied long is well received by many game fish.   patterns can be tied to represent a minnow, leech, worm, hellgammite, dragon and damsel fly nymphs or some generic soft wiggly living thing. 

Steelhead & Bass Mop Worm Jigs