Mop Worm Popper Patterns Sizes #6 to #2
Tan Hex Nymph Popper Patterns Size #2, 4
Bass on Mop Worm Popper Pattern
Bluegill on #2 Mop Worm Popper Patttern

Mop Worm Poppers

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Mop Worm Poppers have the very durable wiggly Mop Chenille tail and Silicone Legs on a dubbed thorax.  It is an action packed Attractor and also a Dragon, Damsel and now Hex Nymph Popper pattern.  The foam head is cut so the back overhang opposes the downward hook to makes it harder for Bluegills to swallow the smaller #6 or #4 sizes.  The head's back angle cut also lets the hook and wiggly back features hang lower in the water to present an easy target for the fish, an on rushing fish won't blow it out of the water and miss it.